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About Refugee Housing

Published: June 28, 2012

Mercy Housing, Inc. has been chosen by the federal Office of Refugee Resettlement to provide technical assistance to agencies within the national refugee resettlement network on issues related to refugee housing.

Finding decent affordable housing for low income residents is a daunting task virtually everywhere in the United States. It is doubly difficulty for refugees who have additional cultural, language and employment barriers to overcome.

This website is intended to assist resettlement agencies, refugees, and ethnic community-based organizations with topics such as finding housing, attaining home ownership, identifying affordable housing development resources, and dealing with discrimination. Other services provided through the refugee housing program for the resettlement community include:

  • identification of housing resources in local communities through on-site assessments;
  • facilitation of collaborations necessary to maximize the use of existing resources to assist refugees and asylees;and,
  • identification and dissemination of information about exemplary refugee housing programs and strategies.

Contact us at refugeehouseinfo@mercyhousing.org

Download a Refugee Housing Program Brochure (PDF 855KB)