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FFY 2011/12 State of Alaska ORR Funded Programs

Published: May 11, 2012

Archived 2009 Figures

Key Contacts
State Refugee Coordinator: Karen Ferguson 907-222-7376
State Refugee Health Coordinator: Teresa O’Conner 907-343-6147
ORR State Analyst: Bill McPherrin 202-401-9324
ORR Wilson/Fish Program Manager: Carl Rubenstein 202-205-5933

Mandatory and Formula Grants to States

Service Providers Refugee Social Services Program Targeted Assistance Program TOTAL
Catholic Social Services - RAIS program  $100,000 $0 $100,000

Wilson Fish CMA Discretionary Program 1

Service Providers Wilson Fish TOTAL 2
Catholic Social Services - RAIS program  $848,709

Comprehensive Wilson-Fish program information for Alaska is available here

1. Includes Refugee Cash Assistance (RCA); Refugee Medical Assistance (RMA); Case Management, and overall management and coordination of the state-wide refugee program.
2. Only a portion of this total has been awarded to date; the remainder of these funds will be issued in FY12 as needed to serve eligible clients through the 8-month time eligibility period.

Division of Refugee Assistance Discretionary Grants

Service Providers Cuban - Haitian Program Refugee Preventive Health Program Refugee School Impact Services to Older Refugees Program Targeted Assistance - Discretionary TOTAL FY
Catholic Social Services - RAIS program  $0 $100,000 $150,000 $116,500 $0 $366,500