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FFY 2012/13 State of Idaho ORR Funded Programs

Published: November 27, 2012

Archived 2011/12 Figures | Archived 2009 Figures

Key Contacts

Mandatory and Formula Grants to States

Service Providers Cash and Medical Assistance Refugee Social Services Program Targeted Assistance Program TOTAL
Idaho Office for Refugees $1,724,026 $737,739 $200,273 $2,662,038

1. Includes Refugee Medical Assistance and related administration only.

Wilson Fish CMA Discretionary Program 1

 $2,631,870  $737,739  $200,273  $1,724,026  $2,662,038

1. Includes Refugee Cash Assistance (RCA); Case Management, and overall management and coordination of the state-wide refugee program.
2. Only a portion of this total has been awarded to date; the remainder of these funds will be issued in FY13 as needed to serve eligible clients through the 8-month time eligibility period.
3. These funds are awarded to State agencies to support Non-WF RMA and URM services

Discretionary Grants to States

Service Providers  School Impact   Targeted Assistance   Elderly   Preventive Health    Cuban/ Haitian   Total Discretionary 
Idaho Office for Refugees $325,000 $174,282 $100,000 $100,000 $0 $699,282

For full information about subcontracts awarded under these grants, please contact the State Refugee Coordinator.

FFY 2012 State of Idaho ORR Funded Programs

Discretionary Grants to Agencies - ORR provided awards to agencies under the following programs in FY2012/13:

Voluntary Agencies Matching Grant Program FY 2012/13: The Matching Grant (MG) Program helps selected enrollees attain economic self-sufficiency through the provision of comprehensive case management and services leading to employment within 120 to 180 days after the date of eligibility for the program. Self-sufficiency must be achieved without accessing public cash assistance. In FY 2012/13, ORR has awarded Matching Grant cooperative agreements to 9 voluntary agencies (Volags) who in turn operate the program through their national networks. ORR awards $2 for every $1 raised by the agency up to a maximum of $2,200 in Federal funds per enrollee. Note that while federal and match funds are calculated on a per capita or client basis, the actual spending of such funds is not per capita based.

Volag Affiliate Name Projected ORR
MG Funding
EMM Agency for New Americans $132,000 Christina Bruce-Bennion
1614 W. Jefferson St. 
Boise, ID 83702
IRC IRC Boise $184,800 Julianne Donnelly
Boise, ID 83702
USCRI College of Southern Idaho Refugee Service Center $233,200 Ron Black
Twin Falls, ID 83301


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