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FFY 2012/13 State of Washington ORR Funded Programs

Published: November 28, 2012

Archived 2011/12 Figures | Archived 2009 Figures

Key Contacts

CMA and Formula Grants to States

Service Providers Cash and Medical Assistance Refugee Social Services Program Targeted Assistance Program TOTAL
Washington Department of Social and Health Services $9,630,000 $2,304,937 $824,026 $12,758,963

Discretionary Grants to States

Service Providers  School Impact   Targeted Assistance   Elderly   Preventive Health    Cuban/ Haitian   Total 
Washington Department of Social and Health Services $650,000 $250,000 $100,000 $150,000 $0 $1,150,000

For full information about subcontracts awarded under these grants, please contact the State Refugee Coordinator.

FFY 2012/13 State of Washington ORR Discretionary Funded Programs

Discretionary Grants to Agencies - ORR provided awards to agencies under the following programs in FY2012/13:

Voluntary Agencies Matching Grant Program FY 2012/13: The Matching Grant (MG) Program helps selected enrollees attain economic self-sufficiency through the provision of comprehensive case management and services leading to employment within 120 to 180 days after the date of eligibility for the program. Self-sufficiency must be achieved without accessing public cash assistance. In FY 2012/13, ORR has awarded Matching Grant cooperative agreements to 9 voluntary agencies (Volags) who in turn operate the program through their national networks. ORR awards $2 for every $1 raised by the agency up to a maximum of $2,200 in Federal funds per enrollee. Note that while federal and match funds are calculated on a per capita or client basis, the actual spending of such funds is not per capita based.

Volag Affiliate Name Projected ORR
MG Funding
HIAS Jewish Family Service of Greater Seattle $55,000 Margaret Hinson
1209 Central Ave South, Suite 134
Kent, WA 98032
IRC IRC Seattle $246,400 Bob Johnson
100 South King Street, Suite 570
Seattle, WA 98104
LIRS Lutheran Community Services of the Northwest $57,200 Jan Stephens
115 NE 100th Street, #200
Seattle, WA 98125
LIRS Lutheran Community Services of the Northwest $85,800 Donna Garton
3600 Main Street, Suite 200
Vancouver, WA 98663
WR World Relief Seattle $605,000 Luke Williams
841 N Central Ave, Suite 106
Kent, WA 98032
WR World Relief Spokane $345,400 Mark Kadel
1522 N. Washington, #204
Spokane, WA 99201
WR World Relief Tri-Cities $132,000 Scott Michael
2600 North Columbia Ctr. Blvd., Suite 206
Richland, WA 99352