Refugee Placement

Goal of ORR Refugee Placement Activities:
ORR’s interest in coordinated placement is to facilitate and ensure refugee self sufficiency and integration by 1.) providing timely and relevant employment and health-care access data to inform the refugee placement process, and 2.) ensuring that ORR’s resources are available to meet the needs of incoming refugee populations.

General Background:
Based on the National Security Council-led interagency process, the Department of Health and Human Services/Office of Refugee Resettlement (ORR) and Department of State/Bureau of Population, Refugees and Migration (PRM) instituted quarterly placement consultation meetings with resettlement stakeholders: national resettlement agencies, state refugee coordinators, refugee health coordinators, ethnic community-based organizations and ORR technical assistance providers. ORR created a Placement Coordinator position in August 2010 to organize, coordinate and facilitate its engagement in placement related activities.

Description of Activities:

  • ORR and PRM co-host quarterly placement planning meetings. These meetings are the key mechanism for sharing information with stakeholders.
  • PRM provides pipeline information and overseas processing activities.
  • ORR shares funding, capacity, and other domestic placement pointers affecting placement.
  • ORR provides PRM with comprehensive data and information to facilitate the latter’s annual consolidated placement planning and decisions.
  • ORR and PRM officers responsible for placement issues meet monthly, or more frequently as necessary.
  • ORR and PRM respond to questions from stakeholders and consider recommendations.
  • ORR staff attend allocation meetings at the RPC, as necessary.
  • ORR participates in on-going local capacity, placement and reception discussions along with concerned entities as they arise.

Process and Mechanisms:
Meetings have virtual capability, and agenda includes common items for each meeting as well as issues to be addressed on a periodic basis.

  • ORR and PRM share proposed agenda with participants to garner suggestions to adjust the agenda accordingly.
  • ORR and PRM adjust the format of information sharing to the extent practical.


Contact Information:
Pierrot Rugaba
Placement Officer
Office of Refugee Resettlement
Administration for Children and Families
901 D Street SW – 8th Floor West
Washington DC 20447
Phone: 202.401.6891
Fax: 202.401.0981