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Treatment Centers for Torture Victims - CVT

Published: January 6, 2016

Center for Victims of Torture/National Capacity Building Project
Project Goal:  To enhance and expand the availability of health care, social services, and legal services to survivors of torture living in the U.S.

The National Capacity Building Project (NCB) provides training and technical assistance to the emerging network of U.S.-based torture treatment programs. Funding for the NCB project is provided by ORR under the Torture Victims Relief Act.

Direct Technical Assistance for ORR Victims of Torture Program Grantees or Members of the National Consortium of Torture Treatment Programs: The project focuses on providing technical assistance for needs identified by the participants, ensuring the most effective use of resources possible and continuous self-evaluation. Needs are identified through site visits, surveys, and self-assessment tools. In addition to building stronger individual organizations, the project fosters relationships within the network and encourages members to share knowledge and skills with each other and with the mainstream community.

Direct technical assistance activities include:

  • Training institutes and webinars
  • On-site, telephone and email consultations
  • Online and blended-learning courses
  • Development of tools and systems for data collection and analysis

Technical Assistance Resources for Mainstream Providers and Potential Treatment Centers:

The National Capacity Building Project also strengthens the capacity of service providers outside of specialized centers and programs to understand the needs of torture survivors, recognize symptoms of torture, and offer rehabilitative and supportive services to torture survivors. 

Available resources include:

  • Service Provision to Torture Survivors Manual:  Healing the Hurt:  A Resource for Developing Services
  • Website resource center
  • Training conferences
  • Individual phone consultations

For more information

  • www.healtorture.org (the website for all things related to services for torture survivors, funded by ORR and maintained by CVT)
  • www.cvt.org The CVT website section on “what we do > training” has more information about NCB: click on “National Capacity Building Project" 

Center for Victims of Torture NCB Contacts:

Faith Ray, Project Manager, (202).827-8552 fray@cvt.org
Ann Lundberg, Communications and Logistics Coordinator (612) 436-4856 alundberg@cvt.org
Beth Scudder, Website & E-Learning Coordinator, (612) 436-4858 bscudder@cvt.org

Last Reviewed: January 6, 2016