PARIS Transmittal 2012-3: VETSNET Workgroup

The purpose of this transmittal is to inform all member states that the PARIS Board of Directors is reinstituting the workgroup that was assembled to analyze the new PARIS-Veterans Output File.  The workgroup was introduced in PARIS Transmittal 2010-17 and was created to allow states an opportunity to give input on the changes to the PARIS-Veterans match resulting from the transition from the Benefits Delivery Network (BDN) to the new VETSNET system. 

Now that states have received the new PARIS-Veterans Output File as part of the November 2011 quarterly match, the workgroup is being reassembled in order to capture state feedback after processing the new file layout.  The objective is to solicit state input and create a master list of potential improvements that will be given to the United States Department of Veterans Affairs (USDVA).  The intent is to provide coordinated feedback that the USDVA can incorporate in a future quarterly match. 

All previous workgroup members will be invited to the first workgroup meeting.  If you are interested in participating in the PARIS-Veterans workgroup, please send your contact information to Manuel Urbina, California PARIS Representative, at

Thank you.

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