PARIS Transmittal 2013-2: NCSL hosts webinar on PARIS Veterans Benefit Enhancement Program 3/11/13


Two of our PARIS Board members, Bill Allman and Manuel Urbina, have been asked by the NCSL (National Conference of State Legislators) to present a webinar on their state’s Veteran Benefit Enhancement Programs. The webinar is scheduled for Monday, March 11 at 11AM PST/2PM EST. Here is the webinar description that went out to their listserv:

States Help Veterans Access Health Benefits and Save Money, Too
Veteran’s Benefit Enhancement Programs connect low-income veterans who are enrolled in Medicaid, with benefits from the US Department of Veterans Affairs.  The result is that the veterans are getting the benefits that they are entitled to and the state saves Medicaid dollars.  Washington was the first state to launch this program and other states have followed.  This webinar features speakers from Washington and California, who will discuss issues related to setting up and implementing this type of program.

The NCSL informed us that anyone that is interested may attend. There is no limit on the number of participants. Feel free to forward it to anyone in your state that you feel may have interest.
Click on the link below for the webinar page. The page has a registration link. It is important to note that you must register to be able to attend!

Feel free to contact Bill Allman (360) 725-102) or Manuel Urbina (916) 650-0160 for any additional information.


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