Transmittal 2010 - 6


  1. The next deadline date for quarterly submission of PARIS data is Friday, May 14, 2010.  We will be doing all PARIS matches.  As a reminder, you should only annotate a “Y” in element positions 299-301 of the State Input Record Format if you have a signed MOA on file at ACF for the intended match.  DMDC will not provide matches to a Member State prior to each jurisdiction executing the document(s) by an authorized State official, scanning the signed document, attaching it to an e-mail and sending it to ACF
  2. To consider oneself fully participating in the Interstate Match, all required data fields should be submitted, not just a recipient's Social Security Number. Omission of the recipient's demographic data will decrease the potential cost savings of a match by increasing the time an investigator needs to properly identify the matching recipient. This applies to both matching jurisdictions.  Whereas some States have centralized processing of PARIS out-of-state inquiries, other States process match inquiries by program type and/or County address within their State. Missing match data may lead to delays by the investigator and impede the verification or exoneration of the recipient by making documents more difficult to obtain. Member States should ensure that technical staff include all appropriate data when quarterly submissions are prepared.
  3. As a reminder, there is no need to wait until the due date for each quarterly match which is the critical last date as to when PARIS data can be received; submitting early helps to reduce the IT traffic that you might encounter waiting till the last day.  Of course, at what time of the month you submit is directly related to when you process your monthly public assistance data to ensure the most current information regarding "active" cases is submitted for the match. There is no penalty in submitting early; apparently a couple of States informed DMDC that they thought you had to submit on the exact due date.  By reducing congestion on the SSA Connect:Direct lines on the deadline date, helps reduce the chance of unexpected technical difficulties of the PARIS data that DMDC has experienced during previous matches.  It is noted that any States which have the data transmitted on an established date each month set by automation may want to adjust the date to ensure that the above caveats are taken into consideration in future match submissions.  To reiterate, if your files are ready, we encourage you to submit them anytime between the first day of the submission month and the due date for PARIS submission for that quarter.
  4. You no longer need to notify the Defense Manpower Data Center (DMDC) of your intent to submit.  After transmitting the data electronically, promptly send an e-mail to the DMDC primary and secondary contacts:  Donny Thao DOD/ DMDC (primary) and Karen Haynes DOD/DMDC (secondary) karen.haynes@osd.pentagon mil.  States are responsible for tracking data submission and ensuring it has been successful.  States should include the record count (and transmission process number, if possible) in their e-mail to DMDC. If a State wants to be notified when DMDC receives their PARIS data, please include that request in your e-mail and data receipt by DMDC will be confirmed.  These e-mail requirements are necessary for DMDC to take action on submitted State data.
  5. As a reminder, DMDC attempts to return all data by the 10th of the month following the match. Therefore, if a member State is late with its data submission, that delay impacts everyone. We ask States to accomplish any internal coordination necessary to ensure that PARIS data is received at DMDC by the deadline date.
  6. With regard to Child Care and Workers Compensation, we encourage you to work with other Departments within your State to take advantage of all match potential that PARIS has to offer. There are no additional MOAs required if you already signed the Interstate MOU.  If you intend to request matches from either of these two programs and if they are different from the contacts already annotated for the Interstate match, please send an e-mail to the PARIS mailbox (  detailing who will be the Child Care and/or Workers’ Compensation contacts in your State and appropriate ways (FAX, e-mail and telephone number) for other States to contact them.  When submitting data under the Child Care match, the Child Care Indicator, Element Position 321, was revised by ACF Child Care Staff and all Member States were previously informed.  There are still States utilizing the “Y” notation so please update your data submissions.  As a reminder, the “Y” coding was replaced by the following codes to provide States with additional information when doing follow-up.  Please utilize these new codes in your submissions:  "P" for parent’s SSN; "C" for child’s SSN; and "R" for provider’s SSN.
  7. Medicaid contact points added to input record - As the number of States participating in the PARIS match process has increased, an issue has come up because some Member States have more than one agency supporting the programs involved.  In these situations, typically one agency within the State handles Medicaid while a second agency handles the other programs (TANF, Food Stamps, etc.).  Since only one SSN per client can be submitted by any one State, the one set of contact information that goes with it is insufficient for contacting both of the State’s separate agencies.  It has been suggested and approved that we utilize some of the 'filler' area at the end of the record for the Medicaid Contact Information for the Interstate Match.  No contact information is needed if the record is submitted only for the VA or Fed Match.  If there is only one contact point for a client for all assistance programs for your State, use only the Contact Phone Number (133 - 142), the Contact Fax Number (148 - 157) and / or the Contact E-mail Address (158 - 197).   If separate contact information is needed for Medicaid, add it starting in position 446 and explain what it is by using the leading word 'MAphone:' (or ‘MAph: ‘) or 'MAfax: ' (or ‘MAfx: ‘) or 'MAemail: ' (or ‘MAem: ‘) followed by the corresponding information.  More than one method can be listed. If your State only uses the one contact set, you will not have to do any programming to modify your outgoing file.  If you are participating in the Interstate Match and want to contact a Medicaid match in the other State you will need to check to see if there is data in this new, Medicaid Contact area.
  8. As a reminder, please use the proper date format when submitting your file. The correct format is four digit year followed by two digit month.  The month is to be the month of the match. Specifically for this quarter, it should read: 201005.
  9. At our 2010 PARIS conference last week, USDA Food and Nutrition Services (FNS) gave the PARIS community guidance regarding Nutrition Assistance Program (NAP) benefits from Puerto Rico, American Samoa and the Northern Marianna Islands.  USDA reminded us that NAP benefits are currently considered inaccessible to State SNAP applicants and should not be counted when determining eligibility and benefits for SNAP.  For further guidance, USDA suggests you contact your regional FNS office with any questions you might have.

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