Transmittal 2011 - 9


PARIS Transmittal 2010-17 announced that the PARIS Board of Directors was accepting applications to fill two Board Member vacancies.  The transmittal instructed all interested applicants to apply no later than January 4, 2011 and that elections would be held during the PARIS training conference in March.  Three very experienced candidates submitted their applications.

Recent restructuring of the Board of Directors has created three Board Member vacancies.  In the best interest of the PARIS project, the three candidates will be appointed as Board Members effective April 1, 2011 eliminating the need to hold elections.  Please welcome the newest Board Members: Mark Zaleha from Ohio, Kristi Scheve from Kansas, and Susan Lloyd from Virginia.

Also effective April 1, 2011, Rachael Stewart will be stepping down as President, but will remain an active Board Member.  Bill Allman will assume the responsibilities as the new President.  Andrew Georgiades has voluntarily decided to end his term as a Board Member and the Board wishes to thank Andy for his years of service.

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