Implementation of PARIS in California

The PARIS-Interstate match has provided the California Department of Health Care Services (DHCS) with the opportunity to improve the residency verification process for Medicaid beneficiaries.  Previously, DHCS only discontinued ineligible nonresident beneficiaries that reported a change in residence to DHCS.  Effective July 1, 2009, DHCS commenced a two-year PARIS-Interstate pilot program.  California’s pilot program began with three of the fifty-eight counties, and has since expanded to thirteen counties.  Under the pilot program, DHCS contacted Medicaid beneficiaries that PARIS identified as receiving a public assistance benefit in another state.  DHCS’ residency verification efforts identified many Medicaid beneficiaries that did not report their move out of California.  The PARIS-Interstate match has been successful in lowering Medicaid program expenditures by discontinuing ineligible nonresident beneficiaries.

In six quarterly matches DHCS discontinued approximately 3,000 ineligible nonresident Medicaid beneficiaries.  The estimated reduction in Medicaid program expenditures during the two-year pilot program was $3,387,000.  As a result of the proven success of the pilot program, DHCS is expanding the use of the PARIS-Interstate match to additional California counties.  The PARIS-Interstate match allows DHCS to take the initiative and detect unreported moves, thereby preventing the issuance of improper payments.

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