Colorado, a Smaller Demographic State, Uses PARIS Grant Award to Reduce Costs

Colorado is one of the States that was awarded a partnership grant from ACF in 2005 and simultaneously established a mentoring arrangement with the State of Utah. For the 2nd, 3rd and 4th Quarters of 2006, Colorado has saved $250,065 at a cost of $6,268. This has resulted in $40 saved for EVERY dollar spent, a very impressive cost-benefit ratio. These numbers will increase for two reasons: we do not have 100% state-wide participation, yet; and we do not include Medicaid cases in the Interstate Match.

Although not all of Colorado's 64 counties are participating, we have more than doubled the county PARIS participation in the last two months. The word is spreading throughout our counties about the tremendous benefit, so more and more counties are coming on board. Currently, we have 40% state-wide PARIS participation. If the rest of the counties have similar savings, then Colorado can potentially save an additional $375,000 once there is state-wide participation.

Our sister organization has finally approved adding Medicaid cases to the PARIS Interstate Match and this is being done for the May 2007 match. From the several states that have posted their Medicaid savings, we have calculated that 59% - 85% PARIS savings comes from Medicaid cases. For Colorado, 40% of our matches/hits come from the Interstate match: this percentage will probably increase once we add medical cases. By extrapolating these statistics, it means that Colorado could potentially save an additional $244,000 to $668,000 by including Medicaid cases in the PARIS Interstate match.

In summary, although it may take some time and patience to get all of our State counties 'on-board', as well as resolving all of the logistical 'kinks', there is a substantial cost benefit found in becoming a member State of the PARIS Project.

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