Washington State Veterans Benefit Enhancement Program 2012

The Washington State Veterans Benefit Enhancement Program (VBE) focuses on low-income U.S. military veterans and their families that relay on Medicaid, and may not realize they are eligible for comprehensive federal care and benefits programs that would provide better benefits while preserving their homes and financial assets.  The VBE staff embarked on a pioneering effort using available federal data provided by the Public Assistance Reporting Information System (PARIS)to connect Medicaid recipients with their federal veteran’s benefits.

Washington began its efforts in 2002, focusing on long-term care beneficiaries, most of them in nursing homes, and working in partnership with the Washington State Department of Veterans Affairs.  Since then, the state program has become a national model and best practice for using PARIS veteran’s data.

The program is of benefit to veterans and results in redirection of Medicaid funding to others in need.  The program is committed to building upon the over $30 million is savings since its creation.

During the State Fiscal Year (SFY) 2012, through Veterans Benefit Enhancement efforts the department connected:

  • 975 additional Medicaid recipients with their military or veterans civilian health insurance coverage (TRICARE of CHAMPVA).  Cost avoidance in the amount of $1,571,327.49.
  • Total project number of military insurance enrollments is 4,184.
  • 221 additional Medicaid long-term care recipients were awarded new or increased VA monetary benefits; Project total number of monetary enhancements is 2,141.
  • Cost avoidance in long-term care payments in the amount of $4,519,627.16.
  • 2,840 total VA Healthcare System enrollments.  (Savings for these are not tracked as they are not considered Third Party Liability (TPL).
  • SFY 2012 total cost avoidance is $6,090,954.65 and to date the VBE program has facilitated benefits for well over 11,000 Medicaid veterans and dependents.

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