HHS Makes Available More Than $670 Million in Additional LIHEAP Funding

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Friday, December 10, 2010
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HHS Makes Available More Than $670 Million in Additional LIHEAP Funding
U.S. Department of Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius today announced the availability of more than $670 million to states to help low income families with their heating bills this winter. These funds represent additional grants to states, tribes and territories under the Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program (LIHEAP).

“Low-income families need and deserve help with critical necessities such as home heating in the winter,” said Secretary Sebelius. “As the weather gets colder in much of the country, these funds will help reduce the burden of high energy costs for families in need.”

LIHEAP helps eligible families pay the costs of heating and insulating their homes in the winter, and cooling their homes in the summer. HHS is releasing this additional allocation of LIHEAP funds now to ensure that states have resources available to support their energy assistance programs as the weather turns colder.

The funds released today are in addition to the $2 billion that were made available to states in October after the first continuing resolution was enacted for fiscal year 2011.  With this release, a total of $2.7 billion is currently available to states for heating assistance needs in FY 2011, which began October 1, 2010.

“Winter months can be especially difficult for families in cold states seeking to make ends meet,” said David A. Hansell, HHS acting assistant secretary for children and families. “These LIHEAP funds will provide needy families with a critical source of heating assistance so they may stay warm and safe during the coldest months of the year.”

A complete list of money made available to states thus far in FY 2011 is below:

FY 2011 LIHEAP Funds Under the CR

State Available Funding

Alabama $41,047,405

Alaska $8,392,539

Arizona $19,610,849

Arkansas $22,417,053

California $118,597,211

Colorado $34,986,872

Connecticut $59,684,120

Delaware $9,798,718

District of Columbia $8,108,310

Florida $69,411,227

Georgia $54,894,291

Hawaii $3,922,175

Idaho $14,853,698

Illinois $135,915,743

Indiana $57,191,147

Iowa $40,536,856

Kansas $26,247,922

Kentucky $33,864,828

Louisiana $35,575,766

Maine $28,668,332

Maryland $54,764,760

Massachusetts $100,529,181

Michigan $129,608,367

Minnesota $86,408,148

Mississippi $24,722,279

Missouri $54,505,789

Montana $15,110,117

Nebraska $22,892,076

Nevada $9,966,500

New Hampshire $19,767,875

New Jersey $109,541,625

New Mexico $11,923,056

New York $276,594,758

North Carolina $72,422,187

North Dakota $15,594,755

Ohio $132,766,064

Oklahoma $28,960,297

Oregon $26,529,316

Pennsylvania $159,566,162

Rhode Island $17,142,286

South Carolina $32,577,854

South Dakota $13,282,802

Tennessee $45,318,534

Texas $115,506,734

Utah $18,270,442

Vermont $14,816,726

Virginia $65,532,143

Washington $42,784,464

West Virginia $22,532,956

Wisconsin $77,779,740

Wyoming $7,210,875

States $2,648,653,930

Tribes $30,085,388

Territories $3,632,682


Individuals interested in applying for energy assistance should contact their local/state LIHEAP agency. For more information, go to https://www.acf.hhs.gov/programs/ocs/programs/liheap or https://www.acf.hhs.gov/programs/ocs/resource/liheap-brochures.



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