Global Populations

ACF Programs and Services for Global Populations

We serve a diverse population of children and families which requires a global perspective critical to providing effective human services.

International Child Support

ACF assists states and countries with child support cases when family members live in different countries. 

New Americans

ACF is working with federal, regional, state, and trusted local partners to help integrate new Americans into communities throughout the United States.


The United States Repatriation Program helps eligible U.S. citizens and their dependents return from overseas by providing them with temporary assistance upon their arrival to the United States.

Resettlement Programs

ACF helps new populations in becoming integrated members of American society by providing them with critical resources and the opportunity to maximize their potential in the United States.

Unaccompanied Children

ACF's Unaccompanied Children program provides care and placement of undocumented children who entered the United States without a guardian.

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