ANA Webinar - Language Assessment and Proficiency Tools

3:00 PM EST

Language assessment and proficiency tools are often the best gauges of language acquisition. There are a variety of tools that language projects can use, such as the American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Languages or ACTFL. Choosing the right assessment tools and providing staff training and support in their use can be difficult. Ku Kahakalau, is the Project Director of the Institute for Native Pacific Education & Culture or INPEACE’s ANA Funded Project located in Kapolei, HI. Dr. Kahakalau will present on an Indigenous Language Proficiency Scale she developed.  We will also be joined by Dr. Lori Quigley is Dean of the School of Education at the Sage Colleges. A member of the Seneca Nation, she has a Ph.D. in Language, Learning, and Literacy and her research interests include second language acquisition, culturally relevant pedagogy, Native American education initiatives, learning community theory and pedagogy, and multigenerational trauma.  Dr. Quigley will present on language assessment tools.

Watch a recording here!