Most Commonly Spoken Native Languages

Using Census data, Slate Magazine recently created several maps showing the most commonly spoken languages in the United States. Two of the maps, such as the one shown below, illustrate the continued resilience and vibrancy of Native languages, as well as the vital role the Administration for Native Americans plays in preserving and protecting them.

Map of the United States showing native languages spoken in each state


ANA's Native Language Preservation and Maintenance Programs have funded efforts to support 18 out of the 21 Native languages shown on the map above. Here are some more quick facts about the impact ANA's lanuage programs are having in Native communities: 

  • Funding for more than 150 language projects
  • Training for 84 language teachers per year 
  • Outreach to approximately 40 youth about attaining Native language fluency each year

Find an ANA-funded program in your area by using our interactive map of grantees!