Update on Fiscal Year 2014 Funding Process

We’d like to provide a short update on the status of applications that were submitted in response to our FY2014 Funding Opportunity Announcements (FOAs).  The submission deadline for the majority of these applications was April 15, 2014.

As is the case every year, the total amount of funding requests far exceeds the total amount of funding available. Below is the number of new awards that we expect to fund, as noted in the FOAs. Please note that this is not a notice of award for anyone.

ACF screens applications to determine whether each application meets one of the disqualification criteria, as specified in the FOA. Common reasons for an application being screened out include applications that are submitted late, applications that are submitted in paper format without prior approval of an exemption, and applications with funding requests that exceed the award ceiling for that particular FOA. ANA also disqualifies those applications that do not document assurance of community representation on the Board of Directors.  For those applications that have been disqualified under the initial screening process, notices have been provided by postal mail.

After the screening process, ANA convenes a panel of community-based experts to serve as reviewers and facilitators to objectively review each application in the competition to assess its responsiveness to the FOA’s evaluation criteria for which it was submitted.  ANA held two virtual panel review sessions during the months of May and June for five of ANA’s six FOAs.

  • Environmental Regulatory Enhancement: We expect to be able to make 5 awards.
  • Native American Language Preservation and Maintenance—Esther Martinez Immersion: We expect to be able to make 6 awards.
  • Native American Language Preservation and Maintenance: We expect to make 10 awards.
  • Social & Economic Development Strategies (SEDS): We expect to award 22 awards.
  • Sustainable Economic and Employment Development Strategies (SEEDS): We expect to award 15.
  • Native Asset Building Initiative (NABI): The deadline for submission was 7/10/2014.

We do not have a fixed date when we will be able to notify the new grantees, but we will work to ensure that successful applicants are notified prior to the project period start dates, which is August 1 for Language Programs and September 30 for all other programs. Successful applicants will be notified through the issuance of a Notice of Award (NOA) that sets forth the details of the amount of funds granted, terms and conditions of the grant, and so forth. Please note that grant awards will not allow reimbursement of pre-award costs.

For more information on the funding terms and other policies, please refer to the Funding Opportunity Announcement under which you applied. If you have any further questions, please feel free to contact us by phone at (877) 922-9262 or by e-mail at anacomments@acf.hhs.gov.

We understand this is a very competitive process, and we appreciate the time and efforts of all applicants for ANA funding. We also wish to extend our appreciation to the panel reviewers who worked hard to ensure that every application was given a thorough and objective review.