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ANA Organizational Chart

Published: August 21, 2012

ANA Org ChartOffice of the Commissioner (OC) The Division of Program Operations (DPO) The Division of Policy, Planning and Evaluation (DPPE) The Management Operations Staff (MOS) Lillian Sparks Commissioner (PAS)

Office of the Commissioner (OC)

Lillian Sparks Robinson - Commissioner (PAS)

Kimberly Romine - Deputy Commissioner

Vacant - Administrative Assistant

Camille Loya - Senior Policy Advisor

Vacant - Intergovernmental Affairs Specialist

Elizabeth Carr - Tribal Affairs Specialist

Division of Program Operations (DPO)

Carmelia (Mia) Strickland - Director of Division of Program Operations

Mark Allender - Program Specialist

Tyanne Benallie - Program Specialist

Christina Clark - Program Specialist

Mardella Costanzo - Program Specialist

Jill Kane- Program Specialist

Denise Litz - Program Specialist

William Post - Program Specialist

Vacant - Program Specialist

Division of Policy, Planning and Evaluation (DPPE)

Vacant - Director of Division of Policy, Planning and Evaluation

David Berlin - Management Program Analyst

Tom Dannan - Impact Evaluator

Richard Glass - Management Program Analyst

Abigail Kardel - Impact Evaluator

Megan Kauffmann - Management Program Analyst

Joshuah Marshall - Impact Evaluator

Vacant - Management Program Analyst

Management Operations Staff (MOS)

Kenneth Akwuole - Management Analyst

Marshall Brown - Web Manager and IT Support

Christopher Catanzaro - Project Manager

Bianca Williams - Project Assistant

Natasha Coleman - Management and Program Analyst

Patricia McDonald - Budget Officer

Rhonda Redhead - Project Assistant

Amy Sagalkin - Project Manager

Cheick Sall - IT Systems Specialist

Michelle Sauve - Senior Project Consultant