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ANA Organizational Chart

Published: August 21, 2012

ANA Organizational Chart for 2014



Office of the Commissioner (OC)

Lillian Sparks Robinson - Commissioner (PAS)

Kimberly Romine - Deputy Commissioner

Vacant - Administrative Assistant

Camille Loya - Senior Policy Advisor

Vacant - Intergovernmental Affairs Specialist

Elizabeth Carr - Tribal Affairs Specialist

Ashley Martin - Tribal Affairs Specialist

Division of Program Operations (DPO)

Carmelia (Mia) Strickland - Director of Division of Program Operations

Mark Allender - Program Specialist

Christina Clark - Program Specialist

Mardella Costanzo - Program Specialist

Rosia Curry - Program Specialist

Christiana Goodson - Program Specialist

Jill Kane- Program Specialist

Denise Litz - Program Specialist

Bianca Williams - Program Specialist

Vacant - Program Specialist

Division of Policy, Planning and Evaluation (DPPE)

Vacant - Director of Division of Policy, Planning and Evaluation

David Berlin - Management Program Analyst

Brent Huggins - Impact Evaluator

Abigail Kardel - Impact Evaluator

Megan Kauffmann - Management Program Analyst

Joshuah Marshall - Impact Evaluator

William Post - Impact Evaluator

Management Operations Staff (MOS)

Kenneth Akwuole - Management Analyst

Marshall Brown - IT Systems Specialist

Christopher Catanzaro - Project Manager

Kevin Penass - Project Assistant

Natasha Coleman - Management and Program Analyst

Patricia McDonald - Budget Officer

Rhonda Redhead - Project Assistant

Amy Sagalkin - Project Manager

James Gajarsa - IT Systems Specialist

Michelle Sauve - Senior Project Consultant