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The ANA Messenger - Spring Edition

Published: June 6, 2013
Social and Economic Development Strategies (SEDS), Environmental Regulatory Enhancement

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OCSE’s Model Tribal System

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Realizing the importance of automated systems to the effective delivery of child support services OCSE worked with tribal partners in the child support community to plan, conceptualize, and design a generic model computer system for use in Tribal Child Support Enforcement programs nationwide.  Known as the Model Tribal System, or MTS, it was designed to be highly customizable, ensuring every tribe is able to adapt a copy of the system to its own individual program and cultural requirements.  The initial development of the MTS was completed in May 2010.  In FY 2010, the final rule:  Computerized Tribal IV-D systems and Office Automation was published in the Federal Register on February 25, 2010 [75 FR 8508.]  Two tribes, the Forest County Potawatomi Community in Wisconsin and the Modoc Tribe in Oklahoma, volunteered to perform user acceptance testing and pilot test the MTS.  OCSE provided hands-on technical assistance to both tribes in developing funding requests and contract preparations for the pilot testing.

In 2012, OCSE provided on-site, hands-on technical assistance to both Forest County Potawatomi Community and the Modoc Tribe in their testing, use, and operation of the MTS.  We held multiple webinars to provide project status information on the MTS to interested tribal child support programs nationwide and provided systems funding training and demonstrations of the system at the National Tribal Child Support Association Training Conference in Bar Harbor, Maine.

Testing is now complete and Forest County Potawatomi Community and the Modoc Tribe entered live cases into their copies of the MTS and began operational use of the system. We reached out to tribal leaders through a Dear Tribal Leader Letter to gather information on tribes’ plans for potential use of the system to determine a plan for the MTS nationwide launch.  To further understanding of the options for use of the MTS, we also held a webinar to elaborate on the information contained in the Dear Tribal Leader Letter.  We anticipate the launch of the system will begin this year.

You can read more about it in OCSE’s, the Commissioner’s Voice.


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