National Resource Centers

CB’s 11 National Resource Centers (NRCs) provide T&TA in specific focus areas with the goal of helping agencies, managers, family and juvenile courts, and other child welfare professionals better serve children and families.

  • National Child Welfare Resource Center for Organizational Improvement - Offers technical assistance, training, teleconferences and publications to assist states with CFSRs, including strategic planning, quality improvement, evaluating outcomes, facilitating stakeholder involvement, and improving training and workforce development.
  • National Resource Center for Child Protective Services - Focuses on building state, local, and tribal capacity through T&TA in CPS, including meeting federal requirements, strengthening programs, eligibility for the CAPTA grant, support to State Liaison Officers, and collaboration with other NRCs.
  • National Resource Center on Legal and Judicial Issues - Provides expertise to courts, attorneys, Court Improvement Projects, and state and tribal agencies on legal and judicial aspects of child welfare.
  • National Resource Center for In-Home Services - Serves as a national center of expertise in child welfare practice for ensuring the safety of children and youth in their homes and making reasonable efforts to preserve families in which maltreatment has occurred.
  • National Resource Center for Permanency and Family Connections - Provides T&TA and information services to help states through all stages of the CFSRs, emphasizing family-centered principles and practices and helping states build knowledge of foster care issues.
  • National Resource Center for Child Welfare Data and Technology - Addresses a broad range of program and technical issues (including tribal and court child welfare issues) in assisting with the CFSR process, including training on data use and management, AFCARS assistance, coordinating peer consultation, and preparation and use of state Data Profiles.
  • National Resource Center for Adoption - Partners with states, tribes, and other NRCs to offer support in all phases of the CFSR process, including analyzing adoption and permanency options, exploring systemic factors, increasing cultural competence, and promoting stakeholder involvement.
  • National Resource Center for Youth Development - Provides states with CFSR assistance, including promoting stakeholder involvement, T&TA, and information services, and offers states, tribes, and other youth-serving organizations assistance in effectively implementing the Chafee Foster Care Independence and Education and Training Voucher programs, and supporting youth engagement in child welfare policy, planning, and program development.
  • National Resource Center for Tribes - Engages tribes to increase their access to and use of the T&TA Network, brokers T&TA, helps provide T&TA, facilitates peer-to-peer consultation among tribes on child welfare issues, and increases cultural competence and sensitivity to tribal voices in the T&TA Network and in state child welfare systems.
  • National Resource Center for Diligent Recruitment at AdoptUSKids - Provides T&TA to states and tribes on issues that pertain to the development and implementation of quality recruitment and retention services for foster, adoptive, concurrent, and kinship families.
  • AdoptUSKids - Raises public awareness about the need for foster and adoptive families to assist states, tribes, territories, and courts in their efforts to recruit and retain foster, adoptive, and kinship families and connect them with waiting children throughout the United States.