FY 2012 Children's Bureau Discretionary Grant Awards

This document provides a list of Children's Bureau discretionary grants awarded in fiscal year 2012:

Comprehensive Support Services for Families Affected by Substance Abuse and/or HIV/AIDS HHS-2012-ACF-ACYF-CB-0286

Up to $475,000 per year for up to four years

  • The Regents of UC, San Diego, San Diego, CA
  • The Family Center, Inc., New York, NY
  • LIGHT Health and Wellness Comprehensive Services, Inc., Baltimore, MD
  • Center Point, Inc., San Rafael, CA
  • Washington Area Consortium on HIV in Youth dba Metro Teen AIDS, Washington, DC
  • FCAN, Chicago, IL
  • Colorado Judicial Department, Denver, CO
  • Children and Families First Delaware, Inc., Wilmington, DE
  • Boston Medical Corporation, Boston, MA
  • Meta House, Inc., Milwaukee, WI
  • Children's Friend and Service, Providence, RI
  • Thomas Jefferson University, Philadelphia, PA