State & Tribal Information Systems

The Statewide Automated Child Welfare Information System (SACWIS) is a federally funded, yet voluntary, case management system. SACWIS is the record hub for all children and families receiving child welfare support and contains a complete case management history. A tribe also may develop a similar system, which is referred to as a Tribal Automated Child Welfare Information System (TACWIS).

Proposed Rule on SACWIS/TACWIS

The Division of State Systems (DSS) has published information on a Notice of Proposed Rulemaking to revise SACWIS/TACWIS regulations and to rename systems as Comprehensive Child Welfare Information Systems (CCWIS). Overview documentation for these changes is available below. The NPRM itself is in the Federal Register.

What is DSS?

The Division of State Systems (DSS) serves as the center for the development and operation of SACWIS/TACWIS for the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services. DSS is located within the Children’s Bureau.

The following are DSS’s key responsibilities:

  • Provide technical assistance on SACWIS/TACWIS development, maintenance, and operations
  • Provide guidance on Advance Planning Documents (APDs) and other procurement documents
  • Coordinate ACF's development and implementation of SACWIS/TACWIS-related strategies and policies
  • Conduct assessments of child welfare automated systems
  • Review funding requests and acquisition documents
  • Sponsor training, initiatives, and programs
  • Support state and tribal child welfare systems projects through partnerships, collaborative efforts, and technical assistance activities

Contact DSS

You can request technical assistance by contacting your state’s or tribe’s assigned DSS analyst, who is the primary contact for APD submissions and all questions. Click below to view a list of which states or tribes are assigned to each analyst.


A SACWIS/TACWIS is a comprehensive, automated case management tool that supports child welfare practice. A SACWIS/TACWIS is intended to hold a state’s official case record, which includes a complete, current, accurate, and unified case management history on all children and families served by the state’s or tribe’s title IV-B and title IV-E entities.”


This page contains information to orient states and tribes to SACWIS/TACWIS and the Division of State Systems (DSS). It contains general information about the required SACWIS/TACWIS documentation and submissions, how to contact DSS analysts, requesting technical assistance, networking opportunities, and joining our email list.  

SACWIS/TACWIS Federal Guidance

This page includes statutes, regulations, and other federal government issuances related to SACWIS/TACWIS.

SACWIS/TACWIS Training Resources

This page provides webinars and resource material regarding Child Welfare Information Technology.

General Child Welfare and IT Resources

This page provides information about membership organizations and training entities that focus on policy, program advocacy, and technical assistance about information technology and child welfare data issues. You also will find resources, such as federal laws, regulations, policies, and guidance, from federal agencies whose work is related to information systems. In addition, this page provides information about organizations that provide IT standards or that offer relevant content about system development, project management, technology innovations, and best practices.

Last Reviewed: November 30, 2015