SACWIS/TACWIS Federal Guidance

The Children’s Bureau and other federal entities have developed numerous policy and technical documents to assist states and tribes in planning, developing, and implementing a Statewide/Tribal Automated Child Welfare Information System (SACWIS/TACWIS).

Statutes - This page provides links to public laws and sections of the Social Security Act that address SACWIS/TACWIS.

Regulations - This page provides links to federal regulations related to SACWIS/TACWIS.

Program Instructions - This page provides links to Program Instructions related to SACWIS/TACWIS.

Action Transmittals - This page provides links to Action Transmittals related to SACWIS/TACWIS.

Information Memoranda - This page provides links to Information Memoranda related to SACWIS/TACWIS.

Technical Bulletins - This page provides links to SACWIS/TACWIS technical bulletins, which supplement official guidance and assist states and tribes in implementing child welfare policies and practices.

Feasibility, Alternatives, and Cost / Benefit Analysis Guide - This page provides information about cost-benefit analysis.

Tribal Consultation - This page provides a summary of DSS providing consultation on SACWIS regulations.

Additional Federal Guidance - This page includes links to websites that may be of interest to anyone planning, developing, or operating a SACWIS/TACWIS.

Other Documents - This page includes additional information about SACWIS/TACWIS, including Advance Planning Documents and cost principles.