This section contains information about the required SACWIS/TACWIS documentation and submissions, how to contact Division of State Systems analysts, how to request technical assistance, how to join our email list, and additional resources.  

Proposed Rule on SACWIS/TACWIS

The Division of State Systems (DSS) has published information on a Notice of Proposed Rulemaking to revise SACWIS/TACWIS regulations and to rename systems as Comprehensive Child Welfare Information Systems (CCWIS). Overview documentation for these changes is available below. The NPRM itself is in the Federal Register.


Our SACWIS Status page identifies each state's current SACWIS standing.

SACWIS Transfer Systems

Our SACWIS Transfer Systems page identifies state’s system history.


The following contain basic information:

  • APD 101 - The Advance Planning Document (APD) 101 PowerPoint describes the APD process as defined by Federal Regulation 45 CFR 95. A detailed overview of the types of APDs is given, as well as submission processes, review processes, approval processes, exemptions, cost-allocation methodology, and waivers. Additionally, some technical assistance suggestions and helpful resources are provided.
  • SACWIS 101 - This presentation describes the federal requirements for a child welfare case management system to be called a SACWIS/TACWIS.
  • CBA 101 - The Cost Benefits Analysis (CBA) 101 PowerPoint describes how to prepare a CBA as part of the feasibility study and alternatives analysis. Although States are no longer required to submit a CBA in their annual update, states must submit the CBA along with the Planning or Implementation APD.

SACWIS Assessment Review Process

After a state's automated child welfare system is operational, the Division of State Systems (DSS) conducts a review to assess the system's compliance to Federal regulations.  SACWIS data are used to support the State’s policy and practice and their data requirements and Federal reporting, such as Adoption and Foster Care Analysis and Reporting System (AFCARS), National Youth and Transition Database (NYTD), National Child Abuse and Data Set (NCANDS)  and the Child and Family Services Review (CFSR) process.

How to Send a Formal Submission

Learn how to send a formal submission to the DSS analyst assigned to your state or tribe.

Child Welfare IT Managers Listserv

DSS maintains an automated SACWIS/TACWIS listserv to alert members about important SACWIS/TACWIS updates and monthly SACWIS/TACWIS Managers Conference Calls. Contact Jordan Panning to join the listserv.

Child Welfare Technical Working Group (CWTWG)

The Child Welfare Technology Working Group (CWTWG) represents Child Welfare Information Technology projects and supports DSS’s efforts to provide guidance and technical assistance to State efforts to plan, develop, implement, operate, and maintain a child welfare information system.

Last Reviewed: November 30, 2015