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FY 2004 Children's Bureau Competitive Cooperative Agreements and Discretionary Grant Awards

Published: December 31, 2004
, Discretionary Grants and Cooperative Agreements

This is a historical document. Use for research and reference purposes only.

This document provides a list of Children's Bureau discretionary grants and cooperative agreements awarded in fiscal year 2004:

Cooperative Agreement Awards

Seven National Child Welfare Resource Centers (CFDA #93.556) - Cooperative Agreements - $6,699,915 per year for 5 years

  • Priority Area 1. (Up to $1,400,000 for year one and 1,750,000 for years 2-5) National Child Welfare Resource Center for Organizational Improvement: University of Southern Maine
  • Priority Area 2. (Up to $900,000 per year for 5 years) National Child Welfare Resource Center for Child Protective Services: ACTION for Child Protection
  • Priority Area 3. (Up to $1,200,000 per year for 5 years) National Resource Center for Family-Centered Practice and Permanency Planning: Research Foundation of CUNY on behalf of Hunter College of CUNY
  • Priority Area 4. (Up to $800,000 per year for 5 years) National Resource Center for Child Welfare Data and Technology: Child Welfare League of America
  • Priority Area 5. (Up to $800,000 per year for 5 years) National Child Welfare Resource Center on Legal and Judicial Issues: American Bar Association for Justice and Education
  • Priority Area 6. (Up to $800,000 per year for 5 years) National Resource Center for Special Needs Adoption: Spaulding for Children
  • Priority Area 7. (Up to $800,000 per year for 5 years) National Resource Center for Youth Development: University of Oklahoma

National Resource Center for Community-Based Grants for the Prevention of Child Abuse and Neglect (CFDA #93.590) - Cooperative Agreement - $1,075,000 per year for 5 years

  • Chapel Hill Training-Outreach Project, Inc., Chapel Hill, NC

Infant Adoption Awareness Training Program (CFDA #93.254) - Cooperative Agreement -
total awarded $9,812,761 per year for 2 years

  • Spaulding For Children, Southfield, MI $5,511,027
  • Harmony Adoptions of Tennessee, Inc., Maryville, TN $1,019,742
  • Lutheran Social Services of South Dakota, Sioux Falls, SD $786,057
  • Independent Adoption Center, Pleasant Hill, CA $950,000
  • Arizona's Children Association, Tucson, AZ $608,055
  • Latino Family Institute, Inc., West Covina, CA $900,880

Discretionary Grant Awards

Child Welfare Training—MSW (CFDA #93.648) - up to $100,000 per year for 4 years

  • The Curators of the University of Missouri, Columbia, MO
  • The Research Foundation of SUNY for SUNY Brockport, Brockport, NY
  • University of Alaska Anchorage, Anchorage, AK
  • The Regents of the University of Minnesota, Minneapolis, MN
  • University of Maryland, Baltimore, Baltimore, MD

Child Welfare Training—Hispanic (CFDA #93.648) up to $200,000 per year for 3 years

  • Sonoma State University, Rohnert Park, CA
  • The University of Kansas Center for Research, Inc, Lawrence, KS
  • Loyola University of Chicago, Chicago, IL
    The University of Texas at Arlington, Arlington, TX

Child Welfare Training - BSW (CFDA #93.648) - up to $100,000 per year for 5 years

  • University of Utah, Salt Lake City, UT
  • Texas State University-San Marcos, San Marcos, TX
  • Metropolitan State University, St. Paul, MN
  • Richard Stockton College of NJ, Pomona, NJ
  • AZ Board of Regents for/behalf of Northern AZ University, Flagstaff, AZ

Demonstration Projects in Post-Adoption Services and Marriage Education (CFDA #93.652) - up to $300,000 per year for 5 years

  • Bethany Christian Services, Inc, Atlanta, GA
  • DePelchin Children's Center, Houston, TX
  • Colorado Coalition of Adoptive Families, Louisville, CO
  • Child & Family Services of NH, Manchester, NH
  • Adoption Resources of Wisconsin, Milwaukee, WI
  • Children's Home Society of Washington, Seattle, WA
  • Childrens Home Society of Florida, Tallahassee, FL

Field Initiated Service Demonstration Projects in the Adoption Field (CFDA #93.652) - up to $400,000 per year for 4 years

  • National Indian Child Welfare Association, Portland, OR
  • Consortium for Children, San Rafael, CA
  • Adoption Network Cleveland, Cleveland, OH
  • Bethany Christian Services, Grand Rapids, MI
  • Orelena Hawks Puckett Institute, Inc., Morganton, NC
  • You Gotta Believe! The Older Child Adoption & Permanency Movement, Inc., Brooklyn, NY

Recreational Services for Children Affected by HIV/AIDS (CFDA #93.551) - up to $100,000 per year for 4 years

  • Camp Heartland Project, Inc., Milwaukee, WI
  • Pediatric AIDS/HIV Care, Inc., Washington, DC
  • For Us Northwest, Portland, OR

Previous Abandoned Infant Comprehensive Service Demonstration Projects (CFDA #93.551) - up to $450,000 per year for 4 years

  • Bienvenidos Children's Center, Inc., Altadena, CA
  • Children's Home Society of Florida, Miami, FL
  • Board of Regents of the University of Oklahoma, Oklahoma City, OK
  • Alianza Dominicana, Inc., New York, NY
  • Yale University, New Haven, CT
  • The Children's Mercy Hospital, Kansas City, MO
  • Consortium for Child Welfare, Washington, DC

New Start Local Comprehensive Support Services Projects (CFDA #93.551)
up to $450,000 per year for 4 years

  • FamiliesFirst, Inc., Davis, CA
  • The Children's Place Association, Chicago, IL
  • Children's Hospital of Philedelphia, Philadelphia, PA
  • Austin Families, Inc. dba Family Connections, Austin, TX
  • University of Colorado Health Science Center, Denver, CO
  • Families' and Children's AIDS Network, Chicago, IL

Family Support Services for Grandparents and Other Relatives Providing Caregiving for Children of Substance Abusing and/or HIV-Positive Women (CFDA #93.551) - up to $100,000 per year for 4 years

  • Family Resources, Inc., Saint Petersburg, FL
  • Emory University School of Medicine, Atlanta, GA
  • Families and Children Together, Bangor, ME
  • The Family Center, Inc., New York, NY