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Published: April 21, 2015
Reporting Systems

US Map with states color coded to represent level of SACWIS System


Operational Systems (34)
SACWIS Compliance Achieved Enhancing to Maintain SACWIS Compliance
Alaska Minnesota Arkansas
Colorado New Hampshire Arizona
Delaware Oklahoma New Mexico
Idaho Texas  
Kentucky West Virginia  
SACWIS Compliance Action Plans Approved
Florida Nevada Wisconsin
Maryland New Jersey Wyoming
Massachusetts Rhode Island  
District of Columbia South Dakota  
SACWIS Compliance Assessment Initiated
Alabama Ohio Washington
Georgia South Carolina Utah
Missouri Tennessee  
Pending Assessment Review
Oregon Michigan  


Systems In Development (5)
Partial Rollout
Design/Coding Phase
Planning Phase
California Louisiana Montana
Hawaii Mississippi  


Non-SACWIS Models (13)
Connecticut Nebraska Puerto Rico
Illinois New York Vermont
Indiana North Carolina Virginia
Iowa North Dakota  
Kansas Pennsylvania  


Last Reviewed: October 23, 2015