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Published: September 3, 2013
Information Systems

This page provides links to federal regulations related to SACWIS/TACWIS.

SACWIS Related

General Information

  • 45 CFR Part 95- State Systems Advance Planning Document (APD) Process. The Advance Planning Document (APD) process governs the procedure by which States obtain approval for Federal financial participation in the cost of acquiring automated data processing equipment and services. This final rule reduces the submission requirements for lower-risk information technology (IT) projects and procurements and increases oversight over higher-risk IT projects and procurements by making technical changes, conforming changes and substantive revisions in the documentation required to be submitted by States, counties, and territories for approval of their Information Technology plans and acquisition documents. Enacted October 28, 2010.
  • 45 CFR Part 95 Subpart F- Automatic Data Processing Equipment and Services-Conditions for Federal Financial Participation (FFP)
  • 45 CFR Part 92 - Uniform Administrative Requirements For Grants And Cooperative Agreements To State And Local Governments
Last Reviewed: June 18, 2015