Vision for Children & Families

Our vision is that children can count on their parents for the support and love that they need to be healthy and successful. To realize this vision, we need effective child support enforcement tools coupled with family-centered customer service. Working with both parents, we can:

  • Refer unemployed parents to services
  • Facilitate healthy relationships and cooperation between the parents
  • Connect families to health care

Parents & child holding hands on beach

We want child support to be a source of income that children can rely on. While we continue to be an enforcement program, we recognize that many custodial and noncustodial parents struggle to support their children. We continue to change and improve to help parents provide reliable support for children. 

Through the child support program, we can:

  • Encourage father involvement by working with public schools, Head Start, home visitation programs, and access and visitation services
  • Increase the economic stability of both parents through collaborations with Temporary Assistance for Needy Families, workforce, fatherhood, prisoner reentry, veterans and other programs
  • Build and support healthy family relationships
  • Promote health care coverage for children and their parents and help to reduce health disparities in minority populations
  • Identify ways to reduce family violence by collaborating with domestic violence and child welfare programs
  • Work with high schools and other programs to raise public awareness of the responsibilities of parenthood

OCSE Fact Sheet

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Want to learn more about OCSE? Check out our Fact Sheet! There, you can read about our mission, purpose, goals and more to get a better sense of how our program serves children and families.

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