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The Financial Institution Data Match (FIDM) program was federally mandated in 1996, resulting in a partnership between the child support program and the nation’s financial institutions to identify financial accounts belonging to delinquent obligors.  With FIDM, state child support agencies can easily identify assets, and then take lien and levy action to seize the account. 

Additional legislation in 1998 simplified the process for financial institutions doing business in more than one state by authorizing us to operate the Multistate Financial Institution Data Match (MSFIDM) program.  OCSE enters into agreements with multistate financial institutions to compare information about individuals who owe past-due child support with their account records, and then sends matched records to state child support agencies.

For additional information on this enforcement initiative, please contact the OCSE MSFIDM Help Desk.

For questions about your specific child support case, contact your state or local child support office. For general child support information, see our Families page.

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