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As the U.S. central authority for international child support, OCSE assists states and countries with cases when family members live in different countries.  The U.S. government has arrangements with 26 foreign reciprocating countries and provinces (FRCs) to provide child support services.  We work with the U.S. Department of State to negotiate and implement FRC arrangements and the new international Hague treaty for child support.

International partners

We offer services and resources to help international partners conduct child support business with the U.S., including:

  • The OCSE Intergovernmental Reference Guide (IRG), an on-line searchable resource that provides policy and address information for all U.S. child support jurisdictions (see IDCL-12-02)
  • International Dear Colleague Letters (IDCLs) to assist FRCs in doing child support business with the U.S.
  • Locate services for FRCs searching for the state location of an individual in the U.S. who is involved in a child support case

State child support agencies

We provide state agencies with guidance and resources on international child support, including policy, training, contact information, and International Caseworker Guides.


If you have an international child support case, discuss your case with the state or local child support office.  For more information, visit our Families page

If you are a custodial parent or a parent owing child support, your place of residence and that of the other parent govern the steps you take to obtain the services of a child support agency. For answers to some frequently asked questions, please visit our International Case FAQs

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