Annual NAFFA Conference Promotes Fatherhood in Native Communities

ACF's Administration for Native Americans (ANA) recently announced the award of a cooperative agreement to the Native American Fatherhood and Families Association (NAFFA) to conduct an outreach campaign focused on promoting the importance of fatherhood in Native communities. The outreach campaign will include a national conference, regional workshops, webinars, and a Native American Responsible Fatherhood Day.

As part of this campaign, NAFFA is conducting their 9th Annual Fatherhood is Leadership Conference, November 7-9, 2012, in Mesa, Arizona.  ANA Commissioner Lillian Sparks and Office of Family Assistance Director Earl Johnson will be keynote speakers.  Commissioner Sparks will also conduct a workshop to discuss federal fatherhood initiatives and how the federal government can help participants promote fatherhood programs in Native communities. For details, please visit the Fatherhood is Leadership website.