Quick Facts

    • Illustration of dollars and an arrow pointing to two houses

      Percentage of child support collections that went to families in FY 2013

    • Illustration depicting a dollar bill coming out of the flow to a paycheck

      Percentage of child support collected through income withholding from employee paychecks in FY 2013

    • Illustration of dollar bills

      Amount of child support that state and tribal programs collected in FY 2013

    • Red, white, and blue illustration of text: 10,000 Veterans

      About half the states have more than 10,000 veterans in their child support caseload

      Learn more from the OCSE fact sheet Veterans in the Child Support Caseload.

    • Text: Over 1 Million visits (transparent sillouettes of people in background)

      The number of hits to our website in the past year

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    • Text: 72%; illustration of arrows pointing in two directions to dollar bills

      Of total child support collections in FY 2012 were from income withholding

      Income withholding increased by 3 percent, to $22.9 billion. See the OCSE FY 2012 Preliminary Report for details.