Quick Facts

  • Illustration of a row of cell phones with text overlay: 550,000

    People have subscribed to receive text4baby messages

    text4baby, a free service that texts important health information to expectant and new moms, will now send dad-specific messages to fathers and fathers-to-be, too, to encourage them to engage with their children early. The campaign sent more than 62 million messages since its launch in February 2010.  

  • Illustration of a line of children walking with an adult, with text: 32.7 million

    Children in a regular child care arrangement in 2011

    A U.S. Census Bureau infographic also illustrates who’s taking care of the kids, and the costs of child care.

  • Illustration of three banks connected with dotted lines, with text $136 Million

    Child support collections through the MSFIDM program in 2012

    Collections through the federal Multistate Financial Institution Data Match program voluntarily reported by states.

  • Illustration of person with suitcase looking up at airplane, with text $29 Million

    Passport Denial child support collections in 2012

    Voluntarily reported by states, a 7 percent increase over 2011.

  • U.S. map, with text "53"

    States and territories participate in the federal Insurance Match

    The federal Insurance Match program matches with 22 state workers’ compensation agencies, 775 insurers, and the U.S. Department of Labor to collect child support.

  • Illustration of hand, palm side up, holding text $2.2 billion

    Federal offset child support collections in 2012

    From the federal tax refund offset and administrative offset programs combined  

  • Sillouette of mother holding toddler; text: 3 out of 10

    Girls become pregnant by age 20

    The National Campaign to Prevent Teen Pregnancy is hosting an interactive quiz through May to raise awareness among teens. 

  • Native woman holding baby with text 50 Tribes

    Operate comprehensive tribal child support programs

    Ten more tribes are receiving funding to put a program in place.

  • Three circles labeled California, Texas, and Florida

    Three states each have more than a million veterans

    Do you know your veteran population?  Check out this infographic from the Census Bureau.

Quick Facts

    • Illustration of dollars and an arrow pointing to two houses

      Percentage of child support collections that went to families in FY 2013

    • Illustration depicting a dollar bill coming out of the flow to a paycheck

      Percentage of child support collected through income withholding from employee paychecks in FY 2013

    • Illustration of dollar bills

      Amount of child support that state and tribal programs collected in FY 2013

    • Red, white, and blue illustration of text: 10,000 Veterans

      About half the states have more than 10,000 veterans in their child support caseload

      Learn more from the OCSE fact sheet Veterans in the Child Support Caseload.

    • Text: Over 1 Million visits (transparent sillouettes of people in background)

      The number of hits to our website in the past year

      We continue to make enhancements. See the improved Policy page.

    • Text: 72%; illustration of arrows pointing in two directions to dollar bills

      Of total child support collections in FY 2012 were from income withholding

      Income withholding increased by 3 percent, to $22.9 billion. See the OCSE FY 2012 Preliminary Report for details.