Quick Facts

  • Photo of sad girl, number 1.5 Million on the photo

    High school students experience physical abuse from a dating partner each year

    Research also shows that the birth of a child, establishing a child support order, and enforcement activity can trigger violence.  See National Teen Dating Violence Awareness Month to help.

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    Young adult couples report some type of relationship violence

    Check out Child Trends' research brief, Relationship Violence Among Young Adult Couples, for a description of the study.

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    Income withholding orders sent to employers electronically every month

    A number that’s rising as more states and employers join the electronic exchange and see cost savings and, most importantly, increased collections.

  • Homeless Woman

    Overall poverty rate in 2011

    That's 46.2 million people—statistically unchanged from 15.1 percent in 2010.  The poverty rate of children living in single female-headed families was 47.6 percent, over four times the rate of children in married-couple families (10.9 percent).  See the Census report.

  • Doctor shining light in patient's eyes
    47 Million

    Women with access to new prevention-related services without paying more

    Eight new services are available under the health care law, explains HHS Secretary Sebelius in her recent blog.  See all 22 covered services for women

  • Father lecturing teen boy with mother in background

    Of young men between ages 12 and 16 in 1996 became fathers before turning 20

    According to new estimates from the Child Trends Research Brief, which presents some information about characteristics of teen fathers at the birth of their first child.

  • Woman in prison on phone behind glass

    Incarcerated women

    Nationwide are mothers of minor children, according to the National Resource Center on Justice Involved Women. A recent  publication reveals ten truths that matter when working with "justice involved" women.

  • Mother with back towards camera holding sleeping baby

    Average monthly child support payment

    Or $5,150 per year, according to Support Providers: 2010, the new Census Bureau statistics in the Survey of Income and Program Participation.

  • Mom with construction hat holding toddler with construction hat

    Poverty rate when single mothers are fully employed

    A decrease from 40.7% for all single-mother families, which are nearly five times as likely to be poor than married-couple families, says the Center for American Progress in a new report.

Quick Facts

    • Illustration of dollars and an arrow pointing to two houses

      Percentage of child support collections that went to families in FY 2013

    • Illustration depicting a dollar bill coming out of the flow to a paycheck

      Percentage of child support collected through income withholding from employee paychecks in FY 2013

    • Illustration of dollar bills

      Amount of child support that state and tribal programs collected in FY 2013

    • Red, white, and blue illustration of text: 10,000 Veterans

      About half the states have more than 10,000 veterans in their child support caseload

      Learn more from the OCSE fact sheet Veterans in the Child Support Caseload.

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      The number of hits to our website in the past year

      We continue to make enhancements. See the improved Policy page.

    • Text: 72%; illustration of arrows pointing in two directions to dollar bills

      Of total child support collections in FY 2012 were from income withholding

      Income withholding increased by 3 percent, to $22.9 billion. See the OCSE FY 2012 Preliminary Report for details.