Quick Facts

    • Sad girl with hands crossed on knees

      Children 17 and under exposed to violence

      Either directly or indirectly during the past year according to a national survey.  More than 20% had been bullied during their lifetime.

    • Boy crouched and protecting himself with book with another child's legs in the foreground

      States with anti-bullying laws

      South Dakota was the 49th state to implement.  Find more on cyber-bullying, prevention techniques, who’s at risk, and how to get help at www.stopbullying.gov.

    • Hand holding negative pregnancy test

      Decrease in teen birth rate

      CDC report says teen birth rates in 2010 were the lowest in 70 years for all ages and ethnic groups.

    • Prison with Fence

      People released from prison or jail who are parents

      With half a million people released from prisons and 7 million from jails each year, HUD is encouraging multifamily housing owners to develop policies and procedures that allow those formerly incarcerated to rejoin their families in HUD-assisted housing while maintaining safety for residents.

    • Woman with head against building

      Median annual earnings for women in 2010

      For those 15 or older who worked year-round, full time (Income, Poverty, and Health Insurance Coverage in the United States: 2010). See Census.gov in

    • Hands hanging out of jail cell

      Young fathers incarcerated by age 25

      Compared to only 6% of young men without children from the National Center for Family and Marriage Research.

    • Homeless women sitting on bench

      Female veterans who were homeless in 2010

      This has doubled since 2006 according to estimates in a recent GAO report.  Many of the women live with their minor children.

    • Mother with arms around teen son

      Children living with one parent in 2009

      Learn about health and safety outcomes of children, with state rankings and family stories, in 2011 Kids Count Data Book, published by the Annie E.

    • Child with bear in bed

      Poor children without health care coverage

      According to recently released 2010 Census Bureau figures.