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Access to Justice Innovations

PAID – Child Support Fact Sheet #3

Published: June 20, 2012
Information About:
State/Local Child Support Agencies, Courts, Other Public Partners, Other Private Partners, Community-Based Organizations (CBO)
Case Management, Project to Avoid Increasing Delinquencies (PAID), Family Services & Referrals, Incarceration/Prisoner Reentry
Child Support Fact Sheet, Toolkit & Training

The Project to Avoid Increasing Delinquencies Fact Sheet Series shares research and innovations in the core child support functions of locating parents, establishing paternity and child support orders, and collecting support in order to promote stable child support payments throughout childhood.

Child support procedures that are accessible and easy to use help assure a fair and just process and lead to better child support outcomes, especially for parents without lawyers.  This PAID fact sheet profiles several child support access to justice innovations, including court facilitators, self-help hotlines and centers, and online tools  that facilitate active, informed participation by parents.