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Debt Inquiry Service System Interface Specifications

Version 2.0

Published: May 30, 2014
Information About:
State/Local Child Support Agencies, Employers
Employer Responsibilities, Bonus/Lump Sum Reporting, Federal Systems, Child Support Portal/SSP
Technical References
Debt Inquiry

The Debt Inquiry Service allows employers and insurers to report upcoming lump sum payouts to state child support agencies.  After comparing information provided by the employers or insurers to individuals who owe child support, the Debt Inquiry Service sends matches to the state(s) responsible for collecting support to take action, when appropriate, to garnish the payments.

The Debt Inquiry Service System Interface Specifications provides:

  • an overview of the application
  • information about registration
  • field formatting requirements to successfully upload files (Appendix B)
  • contact information for program and technical assistance (Appendix A)