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Federal Offset Program Action Transmittal


Published: July 6, 1998
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TO : All State IV-D Directors
RE : Federal Offset Program Action Transmittal

Dear Colleague:

Attached please find the new Action Transmittal (AT) for the Federal Offset Program. As you may know, effective January 1, 1999, the Federal Tax Refund Offset program will be transferred to and operated by Treasury's Financial Management Service (FMS). The Federal Tax Refund Offset program will be incorporated into a larger offset program and Federal income tax refunds will become one of many Federal payments now eligible for offset. This merged offset program will allow States more flexibility and case control. To make this possible, record specifications have changed so please ensure that appropriate program and systems' staff receive a copy of the AT.

This AT also provides information on the passport denial and financial institution data matching processes. The recent passage of H.R. 3130 gives OCSE the authority to assist States in coordinating data matching with financial institutions.

If you have any questions, please call the Special Collections Unit at (202) 401-9389.


David Gray Ross
Office of Child Support Enforcement

Attachment : Action Transmittal 9817