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Child Support Handbook

Published: February 28, 2013
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This Handbook is a guide to help you get the child support payments your children need and deserve.  In this Handbook, you will find the steps to follow to establish fatherhood, obtain a support order, and collect the support due, whether you are working with your state, local, or tribal child support program or your own attorney. There is information for noncustodial parents about providing financial and emotional support to your children and keeping in touch with them, and about keeping support orders fair.

Although the function of the child support program is to collect and distribute child support payments, throughout the Handbook we hope to give the message that children fare best when both parents play an active, supportive role in their lives.  

We have organized the Handbook so that you can refer directly to the chapter you need (see the chapters attached below), or you can download the full Handbook document for easy printing.

To get help with your case or to apply for child support, contact your state or tribal child support program.