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Implementation of New Passport Denial Threshold: Effective Oct 1, 2006


Published: March 29, 2006
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ATTACHMENT: Projected Change in the Number of Cases Certified at Department of State for Passport Denial

DATE: March 29, 2006


RE: Implementation of New Passport Denial Threshold

Dear Colleague:

The Passport Denial Program was implemented in June 1998 to deny passports to individuals who owe child support. Under the current Passport Denial Program and in cooperation with the Department of State, approximately 80 passports are denied daily. To date, states have voluntarily reported lump sum collections of over $65 million. In an effort to improve the program and increase collections, the Deficit Reduction Act of 2005 amends the provisions under 42 USC 652(k)(1) and 42 USC 654(31) by striking “$5,000” and inserting “$2,500”. Beginning October 1, 2006, a person certified by the Secretary of Health and Human Services (HHS) to the Secretary of State as being in arrears on child support payments by an amount exceeding $2,500 is ineligible to receive a United States passport. This amendment will be a significant change to the Passport Denial Program.

To better understand how this might affect your state, the Federal Collections and Enforcement team conducted an analysis of the number of obligors that may be added to the Passport Denial Program when the threshold is lowered effective October 1. Attached is a breakdown, by state, indicating 1) the current number of cases/obligors and arrearage certified for Passport Denial, 2) the projected number of cases/obligors and arrearage certified for Passport Denial after October 1, and 3) the projected increase in the number of cases and arrearage for Passport Denial after October 1, 2006 (Note: This analysis was based on the certified caseload as of March 7, 2006).

We will continue providing details on how this change may impact your state’s program via correspondence, as well as during our monthly Federal Offset teleconferences. If you have any questions, please contact Roy Nix at (202) 401-5685 or email rnix@acf.hhs.gov.


Margot Bean
Office of Child Support Enforcement


cc: Regional Program Managers
ACF Regional Administrators
Federal Offset Coordinators