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Improving Communication Between States and Employers

Employers' Wish List for Successful State/Employer Partnerships

Published: August 24, 2012
Information About:
State/Local Child Support Agencies, Employers
Employer Responsibilities
Outreach/Brochures, Promising Practices

The following is a wish list for improved state/employer communication compiled by members of the American Payroll Association's Government Affairs Task Force:

  • Set up a dedicated toll-free "employers only" telephone number that connects to a person, not a recording. If staffing is limited, try to include a recording that informs employers when they can expect to be called back with a response to their question.
  • Set up an email address and encourage employers to email their questions to you.
  • Notify the employer community when legislation that affects them is proposed in your state and seek their suggestions and input.
  • Have a dedicated section on your website for employers.
    • Survey employers in your state to find out specific features they would like to see incorporated on your child support website. Incorporate the top features employers want to see on child support websites. 
    • Look at other states' websites for ideas.
    • Include a "frequently asked questions" section.
    • Ensure that interactive sites and special areas are clearly marked "Employers."