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Child Support Enforcement Transmittal #1 - Initial Request Form & Instructions

OMB 0970-0085

Published: May 22, 2014
Information About:
State/Local Child Support Agencies, Tribal Child Support Agencies
Case Management, Enforcement, Order Establishment, Paternity Establishment, Review and Modification, Intergovernmental/Interstate
Administrative/Judicial Processes, UIFSA

The CSE Transmittal #1-Initial Request form is a “cover letter” required to refer IV-D interstate cases to any responding state’s central registry. The form can also be used in non-IV-D cases. It contains basic case information and space for indicating which services are requested. The form can be used to request administrative or legal action, including establishment of paternity and/or support obligation, modification, or enforcement. It does not take the place of, and therefore must be accompanied by, the appropriate standard interstate forms (e.g. Uniform Support Petition, General Testimony, etc.) and supporting documentation. A registration statement is needed for each order that the initiating state is requesting be registered by the responding state. Transmittal #1 may be sent electronically using the appropriate CSENet transaction.