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Interstate Case Reconciliation User Guide

Version 13.1

Published: July 1, 2012
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State/Local Child Support Agencies
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This guide provides the following information for Interstate Case Reconciliation (ICR) users:

  1. How this User Guide Can Help You
  2. How the ICR Fits into Interstates Communication
  3. Importance of Case IDs
  4. How The ICR Works
  5. How To Prioritize Your ICR Workload
  6. Reason Code 00: Case Data Matched And This Participant Matched
  7. Reason Code 02: Case ID Mismatch, Case Found By Matching A Child Or Adult In Common
  8. Reason Code 07: An SSN Was Provided For This Participant By The Other State
  9. Reason Code 08: A Different SSN Was Provided For This Participant By The Other State
  10. Reason Code 04: Your Case Is Open, Matches To Closed Case In The Other State
  11. Reason Code 01: Could Not Find A Matching Case In The Other State
  12. Reason Code 03: Incorrect County Code For The Other State
  13. Reason Code 06: This Participant Was Not Found In The Other State Case
  14. Reason Code 05: Your Case Is Closed, Matches To Open Case In The Other State
  15. The Unidentified Interstate Cases Project
  16. The ICR-FCR Supplemental Match
  17. Interstate Reconciliation Report
  18. Management Information Reports
  19. Appendix A - ICR Reconciliation Matching Results File Record Format
  20. Appendix B - Option #1 Response File Record


Last Reviewed: June 7, 2016