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Lump Sum Bonus Reporting Tool

The Quick and Easy Way for Employers to Report a Bonus

Published: April 4, 2012
Information About:
Employers, State/Local Child Support Agencies
Employer Responsibilities, Bonus/Lump Sum Reporting
Debt Inquiry

The Debt Inquiry Service (DIS) provides employers the ability to report information about employees who are eligible to receive a bonus, lump sum or other type of payout online using a web application. Participation in the DIS is voluntary for both employers and states but is such a great, time-saving tool that you will find very helpful.

The DIS allows registered and authorized employers to send information about employees who are eligible to receive a bonus or lump sum payment either by uploading a file or entering information on a screen on the DIS application. The federal Office of Child Support Enforcement (OCSE) compares this information to its debtor file, maintained at the federal level containing information on all state-submitted non-custodial parents who owe past-due child support. The DIS returns matches to the appropriate state child support agency(ies) responsible for collecting past-due support.

States choosing to participate in the DIS receive email notifications when a Debt Inquiry Report file from an employer has arrived and is available for viewing or download via the State Services Portal (SSP). The Debt Inquiry Report file contains information about non-custodial parents who owe past-due support and who are eligible to receive a lump sum or other type of payout, as well as information from employers about the payout, for example, payout type and amount (if available), and company contact information. The files will be available for download as a fixed-length file, comma-separated value (csv) file or in an Excel spreadsheet. States may choose their preferred format. States that do not currently use the SSP can receive the matches via communication channels already in place between OCSE and the states.

Through our partnership with employers, the Debt Inquiry Service makes a significant difference in the lives of millions of children.

To view a demonstration of the DIS, or ask for more information, contact the Employer Services Team at employerservices@acf.hhs.gov.