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Manitoba Correspondence and Payment Processing Information

Published: July 31, 2013
Information About:
State/Local Child Support Agencies
Program Information/Contacts
Foreign Reciprocating Countries (FRC)

Correspondence: Manitoba, Canada has two agencies that are involved in international child support case processing: the Maintenance Enforcement Program (MEP) and the Inter-jurisdictional Support Orders (ISO) Designated Authority, Family Law Branch of Manitoba Justice. 

State agencies should send correspondence regarding registration and enforcement of support orders to the Maintenance Enforcement Program:

Maintenance Enforcement Program
100-352 Donald Street
Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada R3B 2H8

Telephone:  1-204-945-7133
Fax:   1-204-945-5449
Email:  ManitobaMEPinquiries@gov.mb.ca

Send correspondence regarding inter-jurisdictional support inquiries and ISO/UIFSA applications to establish or modify support orders to the Inter-Jurisdictional Support Orders Designated Authority, Family Law Branch of Manitoba Justice:

ISO Designated Authority
Manitoba Justice
Family Law Branch
1230-405 Broadway
Winnipeg, Manitoba Canada R3C 3L6

Telephone:  1-204-945-0268
Fax:   1-204-948-2004
Email:  ISOQuestions@gov.mb.ca

Payments: State agencies should send child support payments to the Manitoba Maintenance Enforcement Program at the same address listed above.

Please note that all payments must be made payable to:  “Province of Manitoba-Minister of Finance.”  Always include the Manitoba MEP seven-digit file number and the first and last name of the debtor/obligor in the memo portion of the remittance.

Source: DCL 13-02 – Manitoba, Canada – Addresses and Procedures