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MTS Software Requirements Specification Volume 1

Business Requirements

Published: July 1, 2010
Information About:
Tribal Child Support Agencies
Tribal Systems
Technical References

This Document defines the detailed Software Requirements Specification (SRS) for a Model Tribal Child Support Enforcement system (TCSE). The high-level system requirements are defined in the Tribal CSE Concept of Operations - August 18, 2005 and the Automated Systems for Tribal Child Support Enforcement: Guide for Tribes and Tribal Organizations - TCSE Essential Requirements - February 2005. If there is a conflict between this document and the high-level system requirements, the high-level requirements take precedence.

Volume 1 of this document contains the Business Requirements for the TCSE. Volume 2 contains appendices that provide additional detail on the Business Requirements. All references to Appendices in this volume are to the Volume 2 Appendices.