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Authorized Agencies Receiving NDNH Information

Statutory Authority Matrix

Published: July 11, 2012
Information About:
State/Local Child Support Agencies
Federal Systems, Data Exchange/Matching, National Directory of New Hires (NDNH)
Policy, Statutes/Legislation
Location Systems

Title IV, Part D, of the Social Security Act, which governs the NDNH, specifies the entities authorized to request specified NDNH information and the purposes for which the information may be requested.  The table summarizes the provisions of the law.  The law may also include other relevant terms and conditions. 

If the law does not expressly authorize an agency to receive specified NDNH information, or the information or comparison being requested does not meet the purposes outlined in the table, OCSE cannot disclose the information.  Statutory authority is required to receive NDNH information or to request an information comparison.  OCSE may not disclose NDNH information without appropriate statutory authority.