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Promoting Child Well-Being & Family Self-Sufficiency

Bubble Chart

Published: September 2, 2013
Information About:
State/Local Child Support Agencies, Other Private Partners, Community-Based Organizations (CBO)
Family Services & Referrals
Child Well-Being

7 color circles called bubble chart

These fact sheets are intended for professionals who work with families who use or may use child support services. The series discusses how and why the child support program provides innovative services to families across six interrelated areas. These services ensure that parents have the tools and resources they need to support their children and be positively involved in raising them.

If you are a parent or family member, please visit our Families page to find child support resources specifically for you.

Core Mission Bubble Chart

Child Support Core Mission Section: locate parents, establish paternity, establish orders and collect support

Highlights how child support programs are engaged in outreach, referral, case management and other strategies in partnership with numerous organizations, including fatherhood, workforce, and reentry programs

Child Support Prevention Bubble Chart

Child Support Prevention

Raises awareness of parental responsibilities and the financial consequences of teen parenthood

Family Violence Collaboration Bubble Chart

Family Violence Collaboration

Describes collaboration efforts to reduce the risk of family violence and help violence survivors pursue child support safely

Health Care Coverage Bubble Chart

Health Care Coverage

Explains how child support agencies can help parents secure health care coverage through private and public agency collaboration

Healthy Family Relationships Bubble Chart

Healthy Family Relationships

Describes the impact of healthy parent relationships on child well-being and child support payments

Economic Stability Bubble Chart

Economic Stability

Discusses employment programs to connect parents to resources that can help them achieve and maintain economic stability

Engagement Bubble Chart

Engagement of Fathers from Birth

Focuses on ways to improve child support outcomes by engaging with fathers early on and encouraging them to be more involved in a positive way


Last Reviewed: February 4, 2016