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PRWORA Financial Distribution Test Deck Generator


Published: January 20, 2000
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JAN 20, 2000


RE: PRWORA Financial Distribution Test Deck Generator

Dear Colleague:

Your State staff will be receiving by separate mailing, a copy of the updated revision of PRWORA Financial Distribution Test Deck Generator, Version 1.03, mailed by Transmedia Technology Corporation. As you know, the OCSE Financial Distribution Test Deck Generator was developed to assist States in assessing processing compliance with the new Federal PRWORA distribution guidelines. This version of the Financial Distribution Test Deck Generator does not change any of the distribution scenarios but merely added features to the help screen such as:

  • The ability to directly print the State Policy option elections pages from within the test deck independent of printing any scenarios. Additionally, the policy election pages will also still be printed whenever any scenario is selected for printing.
  • The latest version of the OCSE 34-A report format has been incorporated into the Test Deck along with the Report’s instructions.
  • The test deck help system within version 1.03 also contains new reference materials that were published after its initial release. These materials include new Action Transmittals and Policy Interpretation Questions, as well as the latest release of the Federal OCSE Certification Guide. The specific documents are: AT 99-10, AT-99-01, AT 98-26, AT 98-24 , AT 98-17, AT 98-15 and PIQ 99-03.

Again, this Financial Distribution Test Deck generator release merely updates the help screens and did not change the distribution scenarios. Therefore, States that had utilized earlier versions of the financial distribution test deck generator to assist in programming and testing will not be adversely affected.

Updated versions of release 1.03 will be mailed to every individual who had requested a copy of the earlier versions.

If you have questions regarding child support distribution or the utilization of the Financial Distribution Test Deck, please contact your ACF Regional Office and OCSE Area Audit Office for assistance.


David Gray Ross
Office of Child Support Enforcement